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I got this Google alert the other day and it caught my attention because it talked about configuring IPFIX and the link went to a pdf on Juniper XGS 5000 IPFIX Support.  Apparently the Juniper Networks Security Network Protection XGS 5000, a next generation IPS now supports IPFIX but really, it’s NetFlow.  I got sort of excited because I love finding out about new gear that supports NetFlow or IPFIX.  I clicked on the link and in the first paragraph I read: “Juniper Networks Security Network Protection XGS 5000, a next generation IPS, is an example of a device that sends flow traffic in IPFIX flow format.” YEE HA!  I want to get me some.  I kept reading and and saw this “IPFIX provides more flow information and deeper insight than NetFlow v9.” Which isn’t exactly true.  Although IPFIX is a bit more open to the Internet community than NetFlow and IPFIX allows for va... (more)

Application Performance Management Done Right

What is Application Performance Management (APM)? Like a lot of good questions, it depends on your business needs.  What is the goal of an ideal APM?  Does it mean 99.999% availability?  Perhaps it is a favorable overall end user experience when using the application but, as compared to what? My point is that Application Performance Management / Monitoring means different things to different businesses and it can even depend on the application involved. What is the Goal of APM “Begin with the goal in mind.” I wish I could take credit for that quote.  What is the goal of the APM? H... (more)

Astaro IPFIX Reporting: Astaro NetFlow Support

Apparently some of our customers are calling in asking for Astaro IPFIX Reporting support.  It’s always fun to work with a new flow vendor and in this case Sophos who acquired Astaro is exporting IPFIX instead of NetFlow.  Going with IPFIX of course was a very smart decision especially since they are exporting some interesting unique elements. Some interesting Astaro IPFIX elements include: octetTotalCount as well as OctetDeltaCount IPv6 Support No export of the ingress or egress interface which is needed in many reporting packages except of course our NetFlow Solution. There is ... (more)

Zenoss NetFlow Zenpack

Have you been looking for a Zenpack that would allow seamless integration of Zenoss and the NetFlow tool Scrutinizer? Well you have come to the right place! Today I will be showing you how to complete the configuration of this integration. First off there are some minor differences between Zenoss 3.x and 4.x, make sure you know what version you are running before trying to continue on with this guide. The difference between the two will determine what we will be renaming the Zenpack, before we do that you will need to download the Scrutinizer Zenpack. Before trying to install yo... (more)

Online Holiday Sales Have Begun: Have You Secured Your Enterprise Network?

It's that time of the year again. The flood of email alerts showcasing online holiday shopping deals fill the inbox at your office PC, laptops and wireless devices as merchants attempt to lure online shoppers to "click and save" while supplies last. In fact, reports show that this year's "holiday shopping" deals have already started as retailers attempt to stretch the holiday shopping season - to begin even earlier than Black Friday. According to a recent report in Time, Booz & Co. chief retail strategist, Thom Blischok states. "We're not going to see a huge increase in sales grow... (more)